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What can ducks eat?

26. Ducks eat just about everything. So, it is not hard for them to find enough food for themselves, even if you feed them nothing.

Ducks eat

· insects, worms, slugs, snails, frogs
· grass, weeds, roots
· most water plants
· seeds, grain, plant materials
· materials left on the ground after harvest
· damaged or overripe fruits and vegetables

What ducks eat

27. You can also give ducks stale bread and food that is left after you have eaten.

28. However always remember that ducks must have fresh water with their food.

29. So, when you look for a place to raise your ducks, be sure to choose one with a lot of natural food and with enough water for them to eat and drink.

Natural food and enough water

30. If you are raising your ducks where there is no fresh water, see that they have plenty of fresh drinking water.

Fresh water is needed

31. Ducks can also find food to eat in home gardens and farm fields.

32. However, keep the ducks out of your gardens and fields when the plants are young and tender or the ducks may eat them.

Keep ducks far from young plants

33. After most plants are big, you can let your ducks feed between the rows.

Let ducks in big plants

34. When your crops are fully grown and you have harvested them, be sure to let your ducks look for food there.

35. After you have harvested your gardens or fields, your ducks will find a lot of food that is very good for them to eat which would otherwise be wasted.

Let ducks in harvested gardens or fields

36. However, when ducks are in your home garden it is a good idea to watch them.

37. Ducks may eat snails, slugs, worms and other things on the ground such as seeds or fallen leaves. However, be sure that they do not eat the smaller plants as well.

38. You must also be very careful if you have low- growing berries or fruits for the ducks may eat them too.

Ducks eat berries