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Taking care of your ducks

169. Remember, your ducks must have plenty of fresh water to drink especially when they are eating. In addition, make sure that your ducks have fresh water to drink when they are eating in the fields.

Plenty of fresh water all of the time

170. Every night when your ducks come back home to sleep give them the food that is left from your table that day and make sure they have fresh water.

Left over food and fresh water

171. Never give your ducks food that is mouldy or rotten or they may become sick.

Mouldy or rotten food

172. Keep the floor of their shelter as clean and as dry as you can. Change the floor material if it becomes wet, dirty or mouldy.

Keep the floor of the shelter clean and dry

173. If you do all of these things, your ducks will be healthy and well and you will see how very little you must do to raise a flock of ducks.