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close this bookBetter Farming Series 27 - FreshWater Fish Farming: How to Begin (FAO, 1979, 43 p.)
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Suggested question paper


Raising fish will give you and your family more ... and more ... For your pond it is best to choose land with a ... slope, near to ... and to your ... Such land should not be ... during the rainy season. If a ball of soil ... together, it will hold ... well. Before digging your pond, you ... the area and you take away all ... and ... of soil. To keep out bad fish, you can use a ... To make the water better for the fish, you will add ... once a week. You should handle the baby fish very ... You will ... your fish every day, in the ... part of the pond. To take good care of your pond, you should look for ... in the banks, you should cut ..., and get rid of ... After 5 months, you may catch ... big fish each week. When draining the pond, you will need ... to keep baby fish alive.


What do you need to raise fish?

Raising fish has several advantages. Which ones, for example?

How do you describe a good place to put your pond?

How do you test if the soil will held water well?

You have cleared the area and removed the topsoil. how do you proceed now to build your pond?

How can you protect your fish from being stolen?

How do you make a compost pile? how do you use it?

How many baby fish will you need to stock your pond?

What can you feed to your fish? how much? how often?

You have now big fish in your pond and you want to harvest all of them. how will you do it? What will you need?

When you drain your pond, how will you keep the baby fish alive?

If you cannot eat and sell all your big fish on the same day, how can you preserve and store part of them?