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1. A very good way for you and your family to improve your lives is to raise your own rabbits. If you raise your own rabbits you will always have fresh meat.


2. Rabbit meat is good for you. It also tastes good. Rabbit meat will help to keep your family strong and healthy.

3. Rabbits are easy to raise. They are clean, quiet and small. You can keep many rabbits in a very small place.

4. The meat that you will get, even by raising only a few rabbits, will help your family to eat better.

5. You can easily find enough food to feed a few rabbits. You can even grow some of the food yourself.

6. Since one rabbit makes a good meal, and you can eat them one at a time when you need meat, you will not have to worry about rabbit meat going bad.

7. Rabbits have babies often. Starting with only a few full- grown rabbits, you can raise many baby rabbits, which will give you a lot of meat.

Rabbits and babies

8. If you grow more rabbits than you need to eat, you can sell what you do not use to your neighbours or at the market.

9. With more food to eat and with the money you get from selling rabbits, you and your family can live better.

10. However, if your family is big, you will have to raise more rabbits if you are going to have enough to eat and to sell at the market.