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Where can you put your rabbit pens?

62. The best place for rabbit pens is near your home. That way you can watch your rabbits, take care of them easily and protect them from animals.

63. You have already been told that rabbits are easily frightened. So, try to choose a place that is quiet and peaceful, away from animals, people and noise.

64. You were also told that wind is bad for rabbits. So, try to choose a place that is protected from the wind.

65. Perhaps you have a place that is protected from wind by the walls of your house, a fence, some trees or a hill.


66. If it rains a lot where you live, put your pens in a place that is sheltered from the rain. You can also build a shelter over the pens to protect your rabbits and keep them dry (see page 43 in this booklet).


67. If you have a wall around your house and farm buildings, put your rabbit pens inside the wall, as shown below.

Put rabbit pens inside the wall