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close this bookBetter Farming Series 33 - Farming Snails 1: Reaming about Snails; Building a Pen; Food and Shelter Plants (FAO, 1986, 57 p.)
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View the documentChoose a place on your land to put your snail farm
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Choose a place on your land to put your snail farm

80. Try to choose a place that is close to your house. That way you will be able to watch your snails, protect them from their enemies and take care of them easily

Close to your house

81. In Items 34 to 41 you were told that to farm snails you must have the right kind of soil with the right amount of water.

82. Remember, if green leafy vegetables grow well in your soil, snails will also grow well in the same kind of soil.

If your garden grows well, so will your snails

83. In Items 59 to 61 you were told that low, wet land and wind are bad for snails. So, avoid low, wet places and try to put your snail farm where it is protected from the wind.

Avoid low, wet land; Find a place protected from wind

84. In Item 63 you were told that after the first year you will need at least two pens and later you may want even more. In Item 69 you were told that it is best to start with a small pen of 5 x 5 metres.

85. So, try to find a place where you can put at least two or three 5 x 5 metre pens.

two or three 5 x 5 metre pens