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close this bookWomen's Rights are Human Rights - A review of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR, 2000, 36 p.)
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1 The distinction between the terms sex and gender is widely accepted. The term gender refers to how women and men are perceived and expected to think and act in a particular socio-economic, political and cultural context. Gender can be affected by other factors, such as age, race, class, or ethnicity. It is therefore, a socially defined or constructed expectation regarding roles, attitudes and values which communities and societies ascribe as appropriate for one sex or the other, in the “public” and in the “private” domain. The term sex, on the other hand, refers to the biological differences between women and men. Thus, gender differences exist because of the way society is organized, not because of biological differences

2 A gender analysis refers to the systematic assessment of roles, responsibilities, and opportunities of women and men to anticipate the differential impact of policies and interventions on both women and men.