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Other ILO publications

· Children at work: Health and safety risks, by Valentina Forastieri. ILO Child Labour Collection.

This book proposes an approach to the protection of children through the development of a programme on occupational safety and health especially addressed to working children, within the framework of a national policy aimed at eliminating child labour It includes procedures to identify hazardous working conditions, and provides guidance for developing improved methods and instruments to assess and protect the health of working children It supplies basic information and guidance for the general reader, as well as reference material on possible child-related occupational diseases for physicians and others

ISBN 92-2-109520-7


25 Swiss francs

· Child labour: Targeting the intolerable

The world community is calling for an end to the intolerable the exploitation of children in hazardous and abusive work Drawing on the experience of the ILO, including its International Programme on the Elimination of Child labour, this report surveys international and national laws and practice and points the way towards effective action through new international standards Submitted to the 174 ILO member States, it is invaluable to all those who arc working to bring to a halt such abusive conditions as bonded labour, child prostitution, and the exposure of children to dangerous chemicals, machinery and other hazards.

ISBN 92-2-110328-5


15 Swiss francs

· Trade unions and child labour, by Alec Fyfe and Michele Jankanish. ILO Child Labour Collection.

Workers' organizations are ideally placed to discover and denounce serious child labour abuses. It follows that the can also advocate the right of children to adequate education and that of adult workers to adequate pay, thereby reducing the need for child labour in poor families. This guide explores the numerous possibilities for vigorous trade union action on this issue, and illustrates what can be achieved by presenting a variety of innovative approaches currently being taken by workers' organizations around the world. It presents a political framework for action at the local, national and international levels, including a ten step guide

ISBN 92-2-109514-2


20 Swiss francs

· World Labour Report 2000 Income security and social protection in a changing world

A flagship ILO study, the World Labour Report 2000 examines the changing context in which women and men are trying to achieve income security for themselves and their families. Drawing from detailed, worldwide data, this edition assesses the impact of globalization and liberalization, and considers the vital role played by social protection in supporting, supplementing and replacing market incomes. In the process, it re evaluates the relationship between social protection and the economy, and addresses the challenge of finding the most effective means to bring social protection to the majority who still go without

ISBN 92-2-110831-7


45 Swiss francs

· The sex sector: The economic and social bases of prostitution in Southeast Asia, edited by Lin Lean Lim

This study focuses on the commercial sex sector and its institutional structures and connections with the economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as with the international economy. It examines how vested economic interests and unequal social relations between the sexes, and between parents and children, interact with considerations based on human rights, workers' rights, morality, criminality and health threats to influence governments' legal stance and social programmes targeting the sex sector. In addition to the national case-studies, a chapter is included on child prostitution, explaining why it should be treated as a much more serious problem than adult prostitution.

ISBN 92-2-109522-3


35 Swiss francs

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