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View the documentHeavy monthly bleeding, or bleeding that lasts a long time
View the documentLight monthly bleeding
View the documentMonthly bleeding that comes too often, or bleeding at other times
View the documentWhen monthly bleedings come too far apart, or have stopped

When monthly bleedings come too far apart, or have stopped

Monthly bleeding usually comes about every 21 to 35 days. It may be normal to have an even longer time between bleeding. But something may be wrong, or you may be pregnant, if your monthly bleeding does not come at all.

¨ If you are over 18 and have never had a monthly period, get medical help.


· You may be pregnant.
· You may be pregnant and having a miscarriage.
· The ovary may not have released an egg.
· You may have a serious illness - like malaria, tuberculosis or AIDS.
· If you are over 40 or 45, you may be nearing menopause.
· Some family planning methods - like the pill, injections, and implants - can make monthly bleedings come far apart.

When a woman grows older, her monthly cycle changes.