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close this bookGuide to Health and Hygiene in Agricultural Work (ILO, 1979, 328 p.)
close this folder5. Diseases particularly related to agricultural work: Zoonoses, infectious and parasitic diseases
close this folder5.5. Other infectious diseases affecting agricultural workers
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View the document5.5.11. Other diseases of potential occupational significance to agricultural workers

5.5.11. Other diseases of potential occupational significance to agricultural workers


Occupations exposed

Diseases caused by viruses and rickettsia

Catscratcb disease

Cat handlers, dog handlers, veterinarians; the aetiology is thought to be a virus, but is not documented at present.

Newcastle disease

Chicken handlers, poultry houseworkers, turkey handlers.

Diseases caused by bacteria


Animal handlers, cattle breeders.

Other fungus diseases

Aspergillosis Coccidioidomycosis Histoplasmosis Sportrichosis

Bird handlers, grain mill workers. Farmers, fruit pickers, shepherds. Farmers, poultrymen. Berry pickers, fanners, florists, foresters, gardeners.

Other diseases caused by parasites from mites

Grain itch

Barley and malt-house workers, cotton-seed handlers, farmers, grain elevator workers, straw-board makers.

Creeping eruption

Cat and dog handlers, veterinarians, and so on (from infected larvae from dog and cat hookworm eggs).