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3.4 Some corn dishes in Bali

Koki Corn


- Fresh corn
- Palm Oil
- Salt and Pepper
- Cocoyam leaves

Grind the fresh maize. Warm the oil. Mix the corn with enough water to form a dropping consistency and add salt and pepper. Add the warm oil and stir. Add the cocoyam leaves and mix well. Tie in plantain leaves and cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the bundles and the intensity of the fire.

Corn and Groundnut Pudding


- Dry corn
- Groundnuts
- Salt and pepper
- Crayfish - (Optional)


Grind the corn and groundnuts. Mix them with salt and pepper. Add some water to enable the corn and groundnut to mix well Add crayfish and tie in bundles. Cook for 30 minutes or more depending on the size of the bundles and the intensity of the heat.

Corn Chaff


- Corn
- Beans
- Salt and pepper
- Onions
- Crayfish or fish
- Palm Oil


Fry the corn. Boil it, and when it is half-done, wash the beans and add them to the corn. Cook until the beans and corn are soft. Drain, and add clean water. Put in oil, salt, pepper, and onions. Add crayfish. Simmer for 15-20 minutes.


Corn Beer (Nkang)

Soak the corn for at least one whole day. Spread it on plantain leaves on a cool floor and cover with leaves. Sprinkle tepid water on it to encourage quick germination. After four days, the corn will have germinated. Remove it. Grind the germinated corn well. Put in a big pot and boil for over two hours until the liquid in the pot is sweet and sticky.

Separate the liquid from the chaff. Reboil until it is golden brown in colour. Remove from fire and put in basins to cool. Some germinated corn which has been dried and ground to powder is added to the liquid to make it sweet and frothy like beer. This again is covered for one night to ensure a smooth, blend. Before you add the powder to the liquid you must make sure that the basin is not too full, otherwise it will overflow during the night.


Soak the corn for two days. Remove it, drain and grind it. Allow it to get cool. Fry it until it is light brown. Allow it to get cool. Put this in a big pot of water, with 3 cm water above the corn.

Keep for 4 days. On the third day, add malt. Malt is germinated corn which has been dried and ground into a powder. On the fourth day, sift the mixture to remove the chaff. If it is too thick, add a bit of water.