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close this bookBetter Farming Series 26 - The Modern Farm Business (FAO - INADES, 1977, 55 p.)
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Conclusion: Farmers are responsible for the future of their village

· A village makes no progress if its farmers are not modern.

· If the way of farming remains what it always was, nobody earns much money. The young people won't stay in the village, because they want to earn more money to satisfy all their new needs.

· If the village does not modernize itself, if there are no better houses, if there is no pure water, no dispensary, living conditions are difficult. The young people want to go away to live in better conditions.

· If there is no life in the village, if there are no groups for work, no associations for leisure, the young people become bored, they are attracted by the life and amusements of town.

· If the people leave, there is no future for the village, little by little, it will die. The farmers, the grown- up men, will become disheartened, they won't want to work for a dying village, they won't make an effort any more for a village whose children have gone away.

To get the young people interested in agriculture, to encourage them to stay in the village, farmers must modernize agriculture. They must build up modern farm businesses that will ensure a better future for the young.

What is a living village?

It is a village which has: modern farm businesses, groups for work and marketing, leisure associations.

It is a village where the living conditions are good: where housing has been improved, where the rules of health are respected, where children and ill people are cared for.