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New partners in solar cooking

Rotary Clubs and Sunstove Organisation actively disseminating solar cookers.

Based on contacts with Solar Cookers International and active members, several local Rotary clubs have taken up the dissemination of solar cookers and solar baking ovens. While the solar cookers are mainly used to reduce smoke and firewood consumption in family kitchens, the solar ovens are used in families as well as in small bakeries. Grants, primarily from US based Rotary clubs, have helped fund solar-cooker dissemination in Kenya, Egypt, Zimbabwe, and in several Latin American countries.

The East Nairobi Rotary Club has spearheaded a project to build efficient, durable, and inexpensive solar cookers, as well as to train villagers in their use. The long-term goal of the project is to create small, local industries to produce and market the cookers, thereby creating local employment. Other cookers have been bought from the non-profit Sunstove Organization in South Africa. This organization has sold thousands of cookers to Rotary and other private organizations at cost. The cookers are then resold for about US$ 25 each, or they are given to local users in Africa and in Latin America.


- Solar Cookers International, 1919 21th Street #101,
Sacramento, California 95814, USA.
Ph: +1-916-455-4499,
fax: +1-916-455-4498,
e-mail: [email protected],

- Sunstove Organization, PO Box 21960,
Crystal Park 1515, South Africa
Ph/fax: +27-11-9692818.
Source: The Rotarian (Magazine)