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The timing of the above tasks is critical, and it is vital that sufficient time be allowed between each stage of the process to allow information to reach possible participants, for them to respond, and to make necessary arrangements for any travelling that is needed.

Unlike teachers and civil servants, entrepreneurs, and women entrepreneurs in particular, cannot take time off just by asking permission; they have to make arrangements for their businesses to be carried on in their absence, and possibly for child care as well, and this may take some time. The following schedule is suggested as allowing the minimum time between the various tasks; while it would be wrong to announce and select too far ahead, the suggested intervals probably represent the minimum that should be allowed; the timings are expressed in terms of weeks preceding the date of the start of the training course itself, which must of course be fixed before this process can start.

Advertise course

Start date minus 17 weeks

Send out information as requests are received

Deadline for applications to be postmarked

Start date minus 12 weeks

Start to appraise applications, to select those to be interviewed

Start date minus 10 weeks

Mail and advertise names of those to be interviewed

Start date minus 8 weeks

Hold interviews

Start date minus 6 weeks

Select those invited to participate and mail advertise decisions

Start date minus 5 weeks