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Annex One: Resource List

The resources listed below are publications, documents or videos that can provide very useful information and support to those working with HIV/AIDS or to those directly affected by it.


· AIDS ACTION - (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), AHRTAG, 1 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom

· AIDS Health Promotion Exchange - (English), Royal Tropical Institute, Department of Information and Documentation, Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

· AIDS-WATCH - International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), P.O. Box 759, Inner Circle, Regents Park, London NW1 ULQ, United Kingdom

· World AIDS - (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish), The Panos Institute, 9 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD, United Kingdom

World Health Organization Documents and Publications

· WHO AIDS Series 2.

Guidelines on Sterilization and Disinfection Methods against Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), 2nd ed.

· WHO AIDS Series 3.

Guidelines for Nursing Management of People Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

· WHO AIDS Series 5.

Guide to Planning Health Promotion for AIDS Prevention and Control

· WHO AIDS Series 6.

Prevention of Sexual Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus

· WHO AIDS Series 7.

Guidelines on AIDS and First Aid in the Workplace

· WHO AIDS Series 8.

Guidelines for Counselling about HIV Infection and Disease

· Guidelines for the Clinical Management of HIV Infection in Adults - World Health Organization, Global Programme on AIDS, Geneva. December, 1991 (WHO/GPA/IDS/HCS/91.6)

· Guidelines for the Clinical Management of HIV Infection in Children - World Health Organization, Global Programme on AIDS, Geneva, 1993 (WHO/GPA/IDS/HCS/93.3)

· Consensus Statement from the WHO/UNICEF Consultation on HIV Transmission and Breast-feeding - World Heath Organization, Global Programme on AIDS, Geneva. 30 April to 1 May 1992 (WHO/GPA/INF/92.1)

· AIDS in Africa: A manual for physicians - World Health Organization, Geneva, 1992

· AIDS Prevention Through Health Promotion: Facing Sensitive Issues - World Health Organization/Royal Tropical Institute (Amsterdam), Geneva, 1991

· Supervisory Skills: "Treatment of Diarrhoea" - World Health Organization, WHO Programme for the Control of Diarrhoeal Diseases, Geneva, Revised 1987

· Living with AIDS in the Community - World Health Organization/UNICEF, Geneva, 1992 (WHO/GPA/IDS/HCS/92.1 Rev 1)

· The Community Health Worker - World Health Organization, Geneva, 1987 (1994 edition in press).

Order from:

Global Programme on AIDS, World Health Organization, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland.

Other Publications

"Strategies for Hope" booklets*

* Organizations in African countries south of the Sahara may order up to 10 copies free of charge. Requests for larger quantities will also be considered, on receipt of an explanatory letter.

· From Fear to Hope: AIDS Care and Prevention at Chikankata Hospital, Zambia
· Living Positively with AIDS: The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO), Uganda
· AIDS Management: An Integrated Approach
· Meeting AIDS with Compassion: AIDS Care and Prevention in Agomanya, Ghana
· AIDS Orphans: A Community Perspective from Tanzania
· The Caring Community: Coping with AIDS in Urban Uganda
· All Against AIDS: The Copperbelt Health Education Project, Zambia
· Work Against AIDS, Zimbabwe

Order from:

TALC, P.O. Box 49, St Albans, Herts. AL1 4AX, United Kingdom.

Population Reports

· Counselling Makes a Difference - Population Reports Series J, No. 35, Vol. XV, No. 3, November 1987

· Why Counselling Counts - Population Reports Series J, No. 36, Vol. XV, No. 4, December 1987

· AIDS Education: A Beginning - Population Reports Series L, No. 8, September 1989

Order from:

Population Information Program, The John Hopkins University, 527 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA.

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

· Talking AIDS: A Guide for Community Workers by G. Gordon and T. Klouda, 1988, Macmillan Publishers, UK (Available in English and French)

· Preventing a Crisis: AIDS and Family Planning Work by G. Gordon and T. Klouda, 1988 (A manual for workers, trainers and counsellors, available in English and French)

Order from:

IPPF AIDS Prevention Unit, P.O. Box 759, Inner Circle, Regents Park, London NW1 4LQ, United Kingdom.

General health care reference books

· Where There is No Doctor by Werner, D., Hesperian Foundation, Palo Alto, CA, USA, 1992

Order from:

The Hesperian Foundation, P.O. Box 1692, Palo Alto, CA 94302, USA.

Teaching Videos

· TASO: Living Positively with AIDS Part I: The TASO story (25 minutes) Part II: AIDS Counselling: The TASO experience (30 minutes)

· The Orphan Generation

These are Our Children (10 minutes)
The Orphan Generation (40 minutes)

Order from:

TALC, P.O. Box 49, St Albans, Herts, AL1 4AX, United Kingdom.

· Challenges in AIDS Counselling, Ministry of Health, Zambia and USAID (with a training guide for counsellors for use with the video)

Order from:

USA - DSR: 9650 Santiago Rd # 10, Colombia MD 21045
Tel: 410-964-0037. Fax: 410-730-8322

ZIMBABWE - MFD: 135 Union Ave, Box 6755, Harare
Tel: 729066. Fax: 729066 (nights)

KENYA - DSR (Kenya): Box 38941, Nairobi
Tel: 581332. Fax: 581332 (nights)

SENEGAL - ACI: 509 Sicap Baobab, BP 5270, Dakar-Fann
Tel: 253637. Fax: 254521

BANGLADESH - VHSS, 273 Baitul Aman Housing, Adabar Rd # 1,
Shyamoli, Dhaka
Tel: 812962