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20. It is difficult for a grower to make the seeds of oil palms germinate.

Growers buy young seedlings which already have four or five leaves. Seedlings can be bought from research stations or extension services.

The young seedlings are then put into a nursery.

The nursery is a small plot in which the young oil palms develop.

When the oil palms are big enough, they are planted out in the palm grove.

Nurseries cause a lot of expense and need much care.

It would be very expensive for one grower alone to make a nursery; it is better to make the nursery jointly with other growers.

It is very important to make a success of the nursery, so as to get fine young plants.

A seedling that has not grown well in the nursery will make a poor oil palm.

To have fine seedlings in the nursery you must:

· choose a good site and prepare it well,
· choose the finest seedlings,
· water them, protect them against erosion and weeds, give them fertilizers, protect them against insects and diseases.