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Session: 10. Forging rings

Total Time: 1 hour


* To practice cold-cutting
* To forge rings

Materials: Approximately 20-25' of 3/8"-5/16" mild steel round bar.


Step 1. (5 minutes)
Explain the session objectives and briefly outline the procedures.

Trainer Notes

Explain that the rings forged during this session will be used to practice brazing in Session 11.

Step 2. (10 minutes)
Have the participants divide into their work teams and cold-cut two 10" lengths of 1/2"- round bar.

Trainer Notes

* As the teams are working, provide assistance when necessary by reminding them of the cold-cutting techniques demonstrated in Session 4.

* Again, stress the importance of the proper use of the cold cutter and cutting plate to protect the face of the anvil.

Step 3. (10 minutes)
Reconvene the group and demonstrate the proper techniques involved in forging a ring and lap.

Trainer Notes

* During the demonstration, point out the following techniques:

- heating of stock to proper color/temperature forming of lap
- hammering
- use of anvil horn to form ring
- determining the proper length of the stock

* Have them identify and discuss those techniques which are common to the making of an eye hook or link.

Step 4 (30 minutes)
Have participants return to their work stations and forge two rings per team.

Trainer Notes

* Provide assistance and suggestions whenever necessary.

* As teams finish forging their rings, have them assist others who may be experiencing difficulty.

Step 5. (5 minutes)
Reconvene the group and ask participants to discuss and share among themselves any difficulties they experienced and how they overcame them.