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1. Ducks lay eggs and give meat. They are good to eat and very good for you.

2. By raising ducks you will have mom food. This will help to feed your family and keep it strong and healthy.


3. Ducks are easy to raise. They need less care than chickens. Ducks are strong and hardy. They do not get sick easily.

4. With very little time and work you can raise a small flock of ducks.

Small flock of ducks

5. If your family is not too big you may not need all of the eggs and all of the meat for food. Then, you can sell what you do not use to your neighbours or at the market.

At the market

6. With more food and with the money you get by selling eggs and meat you and your family can live better.

7. However, if your family is too big you will need to raise many more ducks if you are to have enough eggs and meat to eat and to sell at the market.

Too big family

What do you need to raise ducks?

You will need

· a good place near your house to keep a flock of ducks

A good place near your house

· a simple shelter for your ducks to protect them in cold, hot or wet weather and to keep them safe from their enemies or from people who may steal them

A simple duck shelter

· enough food and water for your ducks to eat and drink

Enough food and water

· enough strong and healthy fully grown or young ducks of the kind that you can get to start your flock (see also Items 19, 21 and 41).

Strong and healthy ducks

8. If you have or can get all of these things you may want to raise your own flock of ducks.