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Where can you raise ducks?

9. Ducks live very well outside by themselves.

10. They are water birds and live best on or near water, such as a lake, pond or stream where they can spend part of each day swimming.

On or near water

11. However, if you live in a place where there is no water you can still raise ducks. You can raise them on land.

Ducks must always have fresh drinking water

12. Here are some places where you can raise ducks.

13. You can raise ducks in low wet land such as swamps or in low areas around ponds or streams.

Swamp or low areas

14. You can raise ducks on sloping land or in places that have soil too poor to be used for planting.

Land with poor soil

15. You can raise ducks near the sea where there is salt water. However, if you do this you will need to give them fresh water to drink.

Near the sea

16. If you do not have too many ducks you can raise them around your house.

Around your house

17. You can also raise ducks your farm fields if you are growing crops that the ducks cannot hurt, (see items 31 to 39).