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Area: 11 424 km² (4411 square miles)
Population: 2 435 800 (1991)
Crowth rate. 0.9% (over 1990)
Density: 213 per km²
Capital: Kingston
Government: Bicameral parliamentary democracy

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth, represented in Jamaica by a Governor-General. (Discussions are currently under way with a view to moving towards a republican system)

Prime Minister: P.J. Patterson (People's National Party)

Leader of the Opposition: Edward Seaga (Jamaica Labour Party)

Party Representation in the House of Assembly (February 1993): PNP 46 seats, JLP 14 seats (election due shortly)

Currency: Jamaican Dollar (US$ I = J$ 22.20 - January 1993)

Inflation: 1990 - 29.8%, 1991 - 80.2%. The year-on-year rate topped 100% in early 1992 but dropped sharply thereafter. For the first nine months of 1992, the rate was 37%. In September 1992, prices rose by only I % pointing to further steep falls in the annual rate as the one-off effects of the currency devaluation worked through the system.



Gross Domestic Product: (in J$bn)

at current prices



at constant price



(1986 base year)

Real GDP growtb rate4.8%0.2%

Balance of payments (in US$m)

- 604.7

- 404.3



- 654.3


+ 180.2

+ 250.0

Principal exports (in US$m)
















Source: Economic and Social Survey Jamaica 1991 prepared by the Planning Institute of Jamaica.