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close this bookSustainable Development and Persons with Disabilities: The Process of Self-Empowerment (ADF, 1995, 117 p.)
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Sources and acknowledgements

This document is largely drawn from the rich insights and experiences of persons with disabilities themselves. They came from fifteen francophone and anglophone countries at an International Workshop on "Sustainable Development and Persons with Disabilities" that was held in Entebbe, Uganda, in September, 1994. It was organised by the Community Based Rehabilitation Alliance (COMBRA), Uganda, and funded by the African Development Foundation (ADF) and the International Labour Office (ILO). Some of the material is also drawn from ILO documents, secondary literature, and from the author's own experiences working with small producers, grassroots rural communities, and the trade unions in Southern Africa.

The book owes whatever merits it has to the PWDs themselves, and to the critical and constructive improvements made to the first draft by the following: Ms. Phoebe Katende, Mrs. Maria Kangere, Mr. Frank Rwakabwohe, Dr. Alice Baingana Nganwa, and the late Mr. Nelson Isiko from the COMBRA Organising Committee; Ms. Chris Fowles from the ADF; and Mr. Bamba Ndiaye and Bob Ransom from the ILO. Some of the sketches in the book are drawn from David Werner's "Disabled Village Children," and for the photographs, acknowledgement is made to Ms. Marla Feldman, ADF.

Whatever errors and limitations remain are the author's alone.

Yash Tandon
February, 1995

Participants during the workshop. (Photo by Marla Feldman)