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Uses of the manual

This Manual is designed to be used with the Teacher Training Guide in the following ways:

° First, it is a reference to be used in pre-service or in-service training programs for Peace Corps Volunteers who are assigned to be teacher trainers. In this context, chapters 1 and 2 of this manual will be used to introduce:

a. the training skills Peace Corps Volunteers need in order to design and implement effective teacher training programs, and

b. the teaching skills and information they need to transmit to the host country teachers they will train.

° Second, it is a resource manual for the Peace Corps Volunteer to use when training host country teachers. Chapter 2 serves as a source of information and handouts for his/her teacher training sessions, while chapter 1 is on hand to remind the Volunteer of what the trainer needs to know.

When using this Manual to train Volunteers as teacher trainers, emphasis should be placed on the cross-cultural considerations in adapting information to the Volunteers' host country. Differences in

U.S. and host country educational systems and between teaching children and training adult teachers should also be stressed.

Volunteers working in formal teacher training institutions may find the theoretical sections particularly useful as supplementary background information for their institution's present teacher training curriculum. Volunteers providing more informal peer training workshops may choose to focus on more practical, in-class applications. Whatever the context, the teacher trainer should feel free to adapt and reorder the information included in this manual to conform to the cultural and educational context of his/her country of assignment.