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close this bookSawing - Course: Manual woodworking techniques. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 23 p.)
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View the documentInstruction Example 2.1. Cutting to Length of a Board
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Instruction Example 2.2. Cutting to Length of Strips (Frame Strips)

Strips shall be manufactured from the board cut to length acc. to instruction example 2.1.



A board cut to length as per instruction example 2.1.

Tools, measuring and testing means

Folding rule, pencil, try square, straightedge, frame saw (ripping saw), pad saw, cutting angle = 90°

Auxiliary accessories

Saw horses, carpenter’s bench

Necessary previous knowledge

Measuring, scribing, reading of drawings

Sequence of operations



Prepare the working place.

Check for completeness.


Place the material on the bench.


Scribe the side line on the natural bevel and the width lines of the strips.

Consider the width allowance and the cuts.


Clamp the workpiece in such a way that the cutting line runs parallel to the bench’s edge.

When cutting to length with the grain push-type cutting teeth are required; check the sharpness of the saw.


Select and check the saw.


Cut off the natural bevel (edging).


Clamp the workpiece again.


Cut off the strips.

Repeat until the required number of strips is produced.


Check the result.

The produced strips are used for the instruction example 2.3.