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What to do with your big fish

105. You will harvest from your pond many big fish.

Harvest big fish

106. Fish spoil quickly after they die. Be ready to use them fresh the same day or to preserve them for later use.

107. Use fish to feed yourself and your family. Fish is very good for you and for your children. The smaller your family is the more fish each of you will have to eat.

Use fish

108. You can sell part of your harvest to neighbours or at the market, either fresh or preserved.

109. To transport fresh fish to market, you should:

· rinse them well in clear water

Rinse the fresh fish

· put them in a clean and dry container

Use clean and dry container

· cover them with fresh leaves or a mat, and

Use fresh leaves or a mat

· keep them out of the sun.

Keep the fish out of the sun

110. A fresh fish will keep better if you remove its guts and rinse it with clean water.

Remove the guts

111. To preserve the fish you cannot sell or eat quickly, dry them in the sun,

Dry the fish in the sun

or smoke them.

Smoke the fish

112. By putting some salt on your fish while you are drying or smoking them you will preserve your fish better.