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Plan of work



By raising fish you can get better food and more money for yourself and your family.
But to do this you will have to take good care of your pond and your fish.

Building your pond
Your success in fish farming depends on where you put your pond and how you build it.
Ask your extension agent to visit your land and give you advice.
He can also advise you about building your compost pile.


The water
You need rich land to have a good crop.
You need rich water to have a good harvest of fish.
To make your water rich, make good compost and put some of it in your pond every week.

Putting the fish into your pond
To know the best kind of fish to put into your pond, ask your extension agent or other farmers who are raising fish.
Do not put too many fish in your pond.
Handle baby fish carefully to keep them strong.


Feeding your fish
Feed your fish every day, and watch them while they eat.
If they are healthy they will eat very quickly.
Give them enough to eat, but not too much.

Taking care of your pond
It is not enough to dig your pond and put fish in it.
You must take care of your crops.
You must take care of your pond.


Harvesting your fish
Harvesting your fish will be a big feast for your family and friends.
Be sure you have everything ready.
Do not forget to keep some baby fish alive so that you can start again.
Be ready to use the big fish or to preserve them or to take them to the market.

Now you must begin again
Will tell you how many baby fish you will need.
When you have begun, try to do better than the first time.
Help your friends to begin fish farming.

Reread all the course
Answer the question paper.