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close this bookBetter Farming Series 02 - The Plant: the Stem; the Buds; the Leaves (FAO - INADES, 1976, 30 p.)
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The plant needs water

When there is not enough rain, the roots cannot find water, the leaves wilt, the plant grows badly.
If there is a great lack of water, the harvest is very poor.
The plant feeds badly.
It does not produce many fruits or seeds.
It may die.

You understand now why you have to give the plant water.
When there is enough water, the plant grows well; it produces plenty of seeds or fruits.

The plant which has water and the plant which does not have enough water

Young plants do not have many roots.
They cannot seek out water that lies very deep.
They wilt quickly if they are left in the sun.
Seedlings must be protected by covering them, for instance, with branches.
Seedlings must be well watered.

Branche and seedlings