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Harvesting many fish

106. With bigger ponds and more ponds, you will harvest many more fish. You must be sure, however, that you will be able to use, sell or preserve all of the fish that you harvest.

107. If you will have too many fish to use, sell or preserve by harvesting all of them at the same time, harvest them at different times. You can harvest a few of your fish at two or three different times.

108. You can do this by draining part of the water from your pond and collecting only some of the fish on the first day you harvest. When you have used, sold or preserved these fish, you can harvest more of them.

drain all of the water and collect part of the fish

109. When you are ready to harvest the last of the fish, drain all of the water from the pond and harvest the remaining fish. First, collect the baby fish for your nursery pond and then collect the big fish.

Drain the water