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This guide is a tool for industrialists, investors, production and maintenance executives, economists, etc., wishing to develop new projects in the packaging of fruit juice and non-carbonated, non-alcoholic fruit beverages.

The guide addresses the following questions:

What kind of packaging to choose?
Which type is best adapted to the target market?
Which is the cheapest?
How long can the beverage be preserved?
What would be the equipment investment cost?
Which supplier to contact and where?

The guide gives details of the various packaging possibilities, their respective cost, the investment necessary, addresses and fairs/exhibitions useful in the development of a fruit processing enterprise.

Twenty-one different packaging solutions are presented, from the pre-formed plastic pouch to the tin can and the glass bottle.

Classification is made by investment cost for packaging machinery and by packaging cost per unit produced so that each promoter can select the system best adapted to the financial means available and to the target market.


"Technologies series"

· 1 - Briquetting of vegetal residues
· 2 - Valorisation of phosphate In Africa
· 3 - Soap production
· 4 - Paint production
· 5 - Compressed earth blocks production equipment
· 6 - Flexible polyurethane foam: discontinuous process
· 7 - The intensive poultry industry in the Sahelian zone
· 8 - Sand and aggregates production equipment
· 9 - Small bakeries and the valorisation of local cereals in ACP countries
· 10 - Packaging of fruit juices and non carbonated fruit drinks
· 11 - Compressed earth blocks: Standards
· 12 - Technical guide for Tilapia Farming

"Contracts and partnerships series"

· 1 - Purchasing industrial equipment
· 2 - Setting up in ACP countries
· 3 - ACP-EU; A guide to partnerships in industry

"Project evaluation and financing series"

· 1 - Financial resources for industrial projects In ACP countries
· 2 - FINAN Manual
· 3 - Facilities and Instruments for industrial cooperation

"Export development series"

· 1 - Exporting sea products

"Forum series"

· 1 - The agri-food sector in Western Africa. 1995
· 2 - Construction and building materials in Central Africa, 1995

"CDI Dossiers series"

· 1 - Lake fishing in Uganda: the Nile perch
· 2 - Commercial perspectives for rose farms in East and Southern Africa
· 3 - Developing the fishing sector in Mozambique
· 4 - Export opportunities for processed fruit from the Caribbean