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close this bookModern Water Control in Irrigation: Concept, Issues and Applications (WB, 1994, 116 p.)
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View the documentIrrigation and drainage series
View the documentForeword
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close this folderPart I: Concepts and justifications
close this folder1. Background and purpose of the study
View the documentThe need for a new approach to irrigation design
View the documentHypothesis of the study
View the documentDefinition of modern design
close this folder2. Designing for operational performance
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentObjectives and performance criteria of irrigation projects
View the documentPerspectives of performance
View the documentWhere the Planner Stands
View the documentElements of an operation master plan
close this folder3. Water delivery for different climates, crops, and soils
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View the documentClimatic conditions
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close this folder4. Scheduling of water deliveries
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View the documentDefinitions and concepts
View the documentLocation of decision making
View the documentReview and discussion of water-delivery schedules
View the documentIntensive compared with extensive irrigation
View the documentDesign concepts for final distribution
close this folder5. Water-control methods
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View the documentWater control strategies
View the documentHydraulic equipment
View the documentScheme layout
close this folder6. Concepts of irrigation design
View the documentClassical approach to irrigation design
View the documentEvolution of the design thought process
View the documentSizing of canals
View the documentFunctionality of control structures
View the documentRobustness of design
View the documentEase of operation
View the documentWater use efficiency
View the documentPipelines for final distribution
View the documentField application methods
View the documentTypical design errors
close this folder7. Design aspects of sustainability
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View the documentMaintenance of modernized schemes
View the documentCost comparison and cost recovery
View the documentParticipation of water users
close this folder8. The debate on modernization
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View the documentReasons for the slow transfer of new concepts
View the documentDiscussion of arguments against modernization
View the documentThe case for modernization
close this folderPart II: Notes on specific projects
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close this folder9. Main features
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View the documentFlow dividers and buffer reservoirs
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close this folder10. Case studies
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View the documentANNEX 1: Methods of operation and structures for main and secondary irrigation distribution systems
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