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close this bookMore with Less: Aids for Disabled Persons in Daily Life (Tool, 1993, 93 p.)
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Preparation of food

Tap opener

Opening a tap takes a lot of strength. Less strength is needed if the tap is opened with this turner. Drive thick nails through a pre-drilled piece of wood. Place the nails in such a way that they fit exactly around the tap' s knob. Remove the sharp nail ends. An alternative is to use a bamboo stick and carve it in such a way that it tightly holds the knob.

Potato peeler

If a person can only use one hand to peel potatoes or fruit, a peeler can be fixed firmly onto a wooden board. The board is fixed onto the table. If a person lacks the strength in his or her hand to hold a potato peeler steadily, a handle may be attached to the peeler.

Cutting-board with nails

Cutting vegetables with one hand is easier if these are pinned down on a board with blunt nails. To pin the vegetables down even more firmly, an elastic or rubber band can be stretched over them. Use nails that cannot rust, and make them blunt and smooth. Glue some rubber pads under the board to prevent it from sliding away while cutting.