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9.1 Forms of international linkage

There are several forms of linkage between NGOs in the "South" and their counterparts in the "North". The principal among them are:

funding links: a number of North NGOs, and other agencies, including governments, international agencies and private foundations, fund NGOs in the South;

operational links: a number of North NGOs operate projects and programmes in South countries. Sometimes they establish their own offices and branches in order to do this, and sometimes they establish operational partnerships with existing South-based NGOs;

partnerships: where NGOs in the North and the South work together for common purposes, such as educating people about debt and structural adjustment, running sporting and cultural exchange programmes and generally promoting international understanding and friendship;

networks: around common concerns or among organisations engaged in similar activities.

The last of these has been examined in Chapter 6 and at the end of the previous chapter. This Chapter examines and discusses the other forms of linkage.