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The Tropical Agriculturalist series

Livestock product/on systems examines how individual species of domestic livestock can be integrated into the whole concept of sustainable agriculture in the tropics. The main part of the book is devoted to a series of case studies covering most, if not all, of the systems of livestock husbandry used in the tropics. The reasons why these systems have been developed are outlined, their limitations highlighted and the ways in which they could be improved are discussed. This part of the book is a useful short reference work presenting the main features of the extremely varied livestock production systems found across the tropics.

Readers of the book will obtain a good insight into how livestock and crop husbandry can be linked in the wetter regions of the tropics to improve the use of resources. In the dry regions of the tropics, where crop husbandry is not an option, animal husbandry is the best way of utilizing these regions for the benefit of people. The book shows how livestock are essential for the development of ecologically sound systems of food production. All types of livestock are covered including buffalo, camels and poultry.

Livestock production systems by Trevor Wilson 1995 141pp
ISBN 0 333 60012 6

Animal health volume/explains the causes of animal diseases, how they are spread and the means available for their control. It covers not only diseases caused by micro-organisms, arthropods and helminths, but also deals with metabolic diseases and those caused by toxins. The signs of health and the symptoms to look for when an animal is suspected of being diseased are clearly presented using simple diagnostic keys. Tables are included to assist in diagnosis of diseases in the major farm animals found in the tropics. The book concludes by dealing with general veterinary procedures, including the administration of medicines.

The book is a valuable guide for anyone involved with maintaining and establishing the health of animals in tropical and subtropical countries. It should be read in conjunction with volume 2 (which appeared earlier) and those volumes in the series which deal with individual animal species.

Animal health volume l: general principles by Archie Hunter 1996 167pp ISBN 0 333 61202 7

Avocado is a succinct guide to the cultivation and marketing of a fruit of growing commercial importance throughout the world. It covers the plant's origins and distribution, botany, and selection and breeding. as well as providing more detailed guidance on the field operations needed to grow this sensitive crop successfully. Land preparation, the choice of cultivars and rootstocks, grafting techniques, irrigation requirements, and major pests and diseases are some of the topics covered.

Lastly, the book turns to harvesting and processing considerations, with special emphasis on the requirements for export. A wealth of photographs, line drawings, tables and charts support the text, which is based on the authors' 20 years of experience as well as extensive reference to the global literature.

Avocado by J P Gaillard and d Godefroy 1995 120pp ISBN 0 333 57468 0

The above titles are part of the Macmillan The Tropical Agriculturalist series which is published in association with, and are available from, CTA.