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Improving pasture

A pasture is the field where animals find grass to eat.

A pasture can be improved by encouraging the good grasses to grow and multiply, that is, grasses which are richest in fodder units.

To do that:

· Animals must not be allowed on the whole of the pasture.

In the rainy season, grass grows fast.

The animals eat only a part of the pasture.

The other part of the pasture is left to rest. There the grasses grow well, they multiply and this part of the pasture will be better the following year.

· Weeds left by the animals must be cut.

The animals stayed on one part of the pasture, but they left uneaten certain weeds. These weeds must be cut down before they make seeds. Then they will not multiply.

· Good use must be made of the pasture.

Some farmers put too many animals on a pasture.

Some farmers do not put enough animals on a pasture.

You must put on a pasture the number of animals that will use it without spoiling it, but at the same time will be well fed.

Pasture that is not used is wasted wealth.