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124. You can build a cage and put it in a stream, a river, a lake or a reservoir.

Stream or river



125. In addition, as you have already been told, you can put a cage in a fish pond.

Note If you have a fish pond and decide to put in some cages, you will raise many more fish. For example, a pond of 20 by 20 metres (400 square metres) will hold 800 fish. If you also put in 3 cages of 1 cubic metre each, you can raise 450 to 600 more fish. So, in this case you can raise as many as 1400 fish in the same pond.


3 cages
1 x 1 x 1 m
= 450 to 600 fish
800 + 600 = 1 400 fish in all

126. The water should be deep enough so that when the cage is in place it will be at least 50 centimetres from the bottom.


127. A cage should be in a place where the flow of water is gentle and not fast. In addition, it should be protected from the wind.

128. The water should be clean You should not put a cage too near an inlet where the water may be muddy or full of rubbish.