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Wheat is a cereal that is chiefly grown in cold countries. Flour is made from wheat and is used for making bread. In Africa, especially in towns, people eat more and more bread. Until now, African countries bought wheat or wheat flour from foreign countries. But that is costly. It is better, when possible, to produce the wheat needed for food.

In Africa, wheat is grown in regions where there is a very cold season, that is:

· on the edge of the desert, near rivers and lakes:
· in Mauritania and Senegal, along the Senegal river; in Mali and Niger, along the Niger river;
· in Chad, near Lake Chad;
· in mountainous and hilly regions such as:
· eastern Zaire;
· Rwanda and Burundi.

Some countries, such as Chad, are making a great effort to develop wheat growing. This is being done chiefly in the Lake Chad region which will soon be able to meet all the ccuntry's needs of wheat. Chad will no longer have to import wheat.