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The irrigation reference manual

This companion manual to the Irrigation Training Manual provides detailed technical information to support the topics covered in the training sessions. This technical reference material is intended to provide trainers with sufficient background information to prepare for each training session. In some cases, the reference sections include prepared materials that trainers can simply photocopy and distribute to complete some sessions. The environmental assessment exercise is an example of these prepared materials. In addition to providing a comprehensive background in the basic technical skills necessary to plan, prepare, construct, manage, and evaluate irrigation systems, the manual also emphasizes skills to ensure that irrigation practices will respect broader ecological and social concerns.

The technical reference materials should be distributed or photocopied and distributed to Trainees for use during their Volunteer service. The collected materials in the reference section can adequately serve as a comprehensive technical manual on irrigation practices and water resource management covering most problems that Volunteers are likely to encounter.

The reference section concludes with an annotated bibliography of related texts and publications that trainers and Volunteers may also want to reference for technical support.