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Training guides

1. Irrigation Principles and Practices, Peace Corps, Program and Training Journal Report Series Number 5, dated January 1969.

2. Small Scale irrigation, Peter H. Stern, Intermediate Technology Publication Ltd./International Irrigation
Information Center, dated 1979.

3. Soil-Water Plant Relationships, KSU/CES Publication Number MF 466, dated September 1978.

4. Using a Level, KSU/CES Publication Number AF-19, dated June 1979.

5. Terrace System Options, KSU/CES Publication Number Af-74, dated March 1981.

6. Farm Pond Maintenance, KSU/CES Publication Number AF-3, dated November 1978.

7. Contour Farming Pays, KSU/CES Publication Number R-14, dated January 1974.

8. Useful Irrigation Data, KSU/CES Publication Number I-7, dated February 1976.

9. Grain Sorghum Irrigation, KSU/CES Publication Number I-6, dated March 1975.

10. Irigation Soybeans, KSU/CES Publication No. I-5, dated October 1975.

11. Irrigating Corn, KSU/CES Publication Number I-1, revised February 1977.

12. Pipelines for Irrigation, KSU/CES Publication Number I-2, dated September 1967.

13. A Concept of Needs, reprint, J. Paul Leagans, The Journal of Cooperative Extension, Vol. 2, No. 2, Summer 1964.

14. A Planning Process (class handout).

15. Stages in Social Action.

16. Human Responses to Change.

17. Identifying the Community Power Actors: A Guide for Change Agents

18. Power Structures, Community Leadership and Social Action.

19. Health Education - A Study Unit on Fecal-Borne Diseases and Parasites, Reprint R-1, Peace corps, 1981.