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close this bookArid Zone Settlement in Australia: A Focus on Alice Springs (UNU, 1985, 129 pages)
View the documentIntroduction: Arid zones and Australia's relation
View the document1. Australia's arid zone: Geographical setting
View the document2. Ecological setting and urbanization processes
View the document3. Population and ecological groupings
View the document4. Settlers' attitudes
View the document5. Migration and adjustment
View the document6. Tertiary activities and urban growth in arid zone towns
View the document7. Education and spatial disadvantage
View the document8. Health service provision and perceptions of service adequacy
View the document9. Aboriginal and non-aboriginal health
View the document10. Reflections on a remote settlement and its arid zone setting
View the documentConclusion: Urbanization and Alice Springs
View the documentAppendix A: Example of a completed open-ended response schedule, Alice Springs surveys 1980 and 1981 (responses are in italic print)
View the documentAppendix B: Explanation of subcategory titles (adapted from Brealey and Newton 1978, appendix B)
View the documentAppendix C: Detailed summary of major and minor response categories (refer to table 4.3 in text)
View the documentReferences