Re: [greenstone-users] metadata from a file

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 10 Sep 2004 15:13:31 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] metadata from a file
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Hi Keiko,

The problem here is that the GLI does not work well with metadata.xml files
it has not created itself. All the metadata values that have been assigned
are stored in files in the collection's "metadata" folder -- and the
GLI uses these to display the metadata.

The good news is that the GLI metadata code is being rewritten to fix this
(and other problems). The next release of Greenstone (not sure when) will
contain this new code.

Until then, one way around this problem is to create a new collection in
the GLI, choose the Dublin Core metadata set, and drag the contents of the
old collection's "import" folder into the new collection. The metadata you
have specified in the metadata.xml file should come too.

All the best,


keiko wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to assign metadata from a file, but does not work well.
> I prepared metadata.xml modified into dc. based on greenstone demo(dls.)
> and stored under the directory.
> In gli, I set
> metadata sets:
> -choose some elements from dublin core
> -add some elements to extracted greenstone
> design:
> -plugin RecPlug -use_metadata_files
> -metadataset dc "Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1:
> Reference Description"
> metadataset ex "Extracted Greenstone Metadata 1.0"
> At search indexes, browsing classifiers, and format feature of Design
> pane, all ex. tags including I added are shown in pull-down menu, but no
> dc. tags there. Do I need to do something more to let gli recognize dc.
> tags?
> After building collection, I can see metadata tag both dc. ex. at enrich
> pane. greenstone extracted automatically depending on plugin, but no
> value extracted from metadata.xml.
> log says "> RecPlug: found metadata in
> /home/gsdl/gsdl/collect/jawi484/import/484/metadata.xml"
> and also says "> Extracting new metadata from archive files.
>> Extracted 10 pieces of metadata for HASH01bb.dir.
>> Archived metadata extraction complete." but it seems plugin
> extracted
> automatically ex. elements.
> Work on v2.5.1, Linux.
> Is there someone met same problem?
> Thank you for help.
> keiko
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