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Instructions for cleaning IV drug works

The AIDS virus can get into used needles, syringes, cookers, cotton, and water. If you share any of these, you can get AIDS, or pass the virus to someone else. Bleach kills the AIDS virus. You can clean your works and rigs with bleach, and help protect yourself from getting AIDS. Bleach will not damage the needle or syringe.

First with bleach

1. Draw up bleach

2. Squirt bleach

3. Draw up bleach

4. Squirt bleach

Then with water:

5. Draw up water

6. Squirt water

7. Draw up water

8. Squirt water

Important: Soak any other part of your works (tops, caps, cooker, spoon) in bleach. Rinse your works with water before using. Do not reuse cotton


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