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The stories behind the windfall figures


If Auntie got $1000 she would spend half of it on purchasing fish and save the other half.

If she got $5000 she would spend it on going abroad to buy goods which she could sell when she came back. She would also buy a couple of goats and build a pen so that she could sell goat meat as well as fish. She would also buy some furniture - a bed and two tables.


$5000 - "First of all I would have to finish where I want to be living."

$10,000 - "Well, you have to turn your hand on it. You couldn't just tek it and spend it. You have to spin it over. wash it."


$5000- 1 would add another room. Two rooms is still small for me. $ 10,000 would put me straight, in like putting on a room and a kitchen because I intend putting on even a little verandah. I intend getting animals. I used to have goats and chickens but I sell them out. A person catch at every little thing. But trying to move out of where I was, out of rent, to build this I had to do a little thing like that and start all over again. '


"If I got $1000 I would have to see that the children got uniform and shoes to get to school. If I got $50001 would fix Up the roof."


If she got $ 1000 she would use it to pay off a "terrible" water bill she has. If she got $5000 she would do the same thing but also buy some food, fix the gate, put rails on the steps up to the house and put the balance in the bank.


$1000 - "To get a little shop first thing. I would have to get out of the furnished room and get somewhere to live and start a thing and build up my clientele."

"$5000, oh my God, you saying something I will have to try and get a shop, man, and go in it with somebody that we could pay the rent and thing like that."


If Megan got $1000 she would begin a dry-goods business. She would like to get a stall in the Arcade and would like to specialize in selling "raw cloth" rather than finished goods.

If she got $5000 she would expand her house so that her daughters could get a room of their own. They sleep on the floor at the moment. She thinks the money might stretch to build a proper toilet as well as some of it going into the dry-goods business.


If she had a windfall of $1000 she would spend it on clothes for herself and the children. If she had $5000 she'd buy the bed she wants and save the rest.


If she had $1000 she would spend it on improving the shop. If she had $5000 she would also make some improvements to the house. She would fix the zinc so that it didn't leak and put in some new boards to replace the ones that have been eaten out by termites.