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Spending on entertainment

Each of the women interviewed in depth was asked to talk about her expenditure on entertainment. Their responses reveal the tight patterns of their expenditure and the energy that they have to put in to simply keeping the household going.


"Entertain? Well, me love, we don't have no enjoyment. First of all, living without someone to cope and guide them there is no way you can have enjoyment because the time the children should be having enjoyment with them you have to think how to work, how they going to eat food tomorrow morning, how them going to wear clothes. So by the time you supposed to have enjoyment with them you tired."


"Entertainment? The children they entertain me a lot. I don't go out a lot. The children take a lot and I decide to really put in a lot with them. So all we do, we sit down and sometimes we play dominoes or read Bible stories, quote Scriptures or sing any little foolishness. They are the one who mostly go out and come in with the new style of rhythm and they come inside and we Deejay, according to them."


"I have a television for entertainment. We can't go out - too much worries. Sometimes the children go out but they don't stay out late."


Doesn't go out very much apart from to church.