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Attitudes towards the partner


She is not In a partner because she doesn't trust anybody around the area and she once got robbed in one.


"I've been involved in a lot of partners. I believe it is good when you find a good banker. It's not that difficult but what happens to some of the people them, some of the people, when they get their partner draw they reluctant to really pay back the amount so it become a pressure on the banker so some of them is like a tyrant, and some of them will say 'Bwoy, I have to wait until I can get a money and can pay back that money'. So partner is good because it is part of a big savings to you and it is very helpful because with partner I go a far way because a lot of money that I got throwing partner I used as a saving because I don't see myself going to bank with ten dollars to put in a bank unless like I'm working out and compulsory saving they draw that from your pay and that is it. But when you throw a partner and you may get as low as eight hundred dollars up now you can able to buy something that you need and you put away a hundred or two hundred - it depends on the amount that you really want to put in the bank. So that is a quicker way to get a money to put in a bank account."


"I used to throw a partner to help but I not throwing any big partner again, just a small one - just like a ten dollar.


"I was in a partner which work out good but I'm not in one now. My first dryer that I bought I bought it out of a partner. I was a $40 partner and a friend of mine asked me to help her with it so we share it. She throws a twenty dollars and I throw a twenty dollars. Partners are good if you have the right person to deal with.

"The first I throw a partner I was supposed to get $1500 but all I receive out of it was $700. There was no action that I could take. It wasn't the banker's fault because who get the draw never throw their money. People get rip off that way but I don't know what they can do."


Pam saves $80 a fortnight in a partner. When she gets her partner hand she uses it to pay off her credit union loan.

"I think the partner is good. Since the banker is so far away I thought I would put my money in the regular bank but when you think about it the partner will give you a quicker draw if you need the money urgently. And I never get robbed yet.


Pansy likes the partner system but will not go into it unless she finds a banker who is honest. She has been robbed in a partner before. The problem is that she gets paid monthly and the partners in the community are weekly.


"I was working in a bar and I throw partner and I went to Courts and I hire purchase a bed and a dresser. I think partner is very good as long as you have an honest banker. I still use a partner but I'm in a problem with one right now. It's two weeks I didn't work and I didn't have money to pay. I'm in one partner but it's for $100 a week. I have two hand in it for fifty dollars. The hand is $1050. But I'm in bankrupty right now. It's $2001 owe but I'm not working now. She's not going to give me an early draw now. I have a credit union but I don't have much money in it. I got a loan to buy this machine on it but 1 owe them $200. I hope they don't come for it."