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Divergences within Post Structuralism: Foucault- Derrida- Lyotard


Working Paper 99

Vikash N Pandey

Institute of Rural Management Anand 388 001

April 1996

The purpose of the Working Paper Series (WPS) is to provide an opportunity to IRMA faculty, visiting fellows, and students to sound out their ideas and research work before publication and to get feedback and comments from their peer group. A Working Paper is not to be considered a formal research publication of the Institute.

Note of the Humanity Development Library CD-ROM Editors:

We thank IRMA for its cooperation and kind authorization to add useful publications on our CD-ROM and online editions. We are adding a sample of the most relevant IRMA working papers to illustrate the high quality of ideas and research being pursued and to catalyse the sharing of ideas, information and studies from South to South.

The paper is to bring out the inner-differences within poststructuralism. Based on the critique of Cooper and Burrell’s (1988) writing, the paper argues that there are at least two legacies within poststructuralism thinking, one Saussarean and the other, Nietzschean. These different shades of social theories exemplified through Foucault, Derrida and Lyotard, posit the distance between deconstructionism and postmodernism and between these two stands the Foucauldian critique of modernism. The central concern of the paper is the trinity of poststructuralism and the overlapping in their positions, without going into the merits/demerits of each one of them for an alternate critique of organisational analyses.

* Associate Professor, Institute of Rural Management, Anand, PB No.60, Anand 388 001.