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close this book Prevention and treatment of mold in library collections with an emphasis on tropical climates: A RAMP study
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1.3 Modifying the environment

Within the context of this study, it may be useful to define two of the terms which will occur throughout the work, and which are not to be considered interchangeable.

Environmental control is used to indicate a system which will monitor and regulate both temperature and relative humidity, consistently maintaining them, in balance, within pre-established guidelines.

Environmental modification is used to indicate the alteration of one or more of the variables in the environment. It is not self-monitoring and requires constant adjustment in order to maintain the desired balance. Window air-conditioning units, portable dehumidifiers, and fans are all environmental modification, not environmental control.

While a full range of control, modification and emergency treatment options will be discussed in this study, emphasis will be given to measures that do not rely on elaborate enviromental control systems, extensive fumigation or major conservation treatment of seriously damaged materials. Disaster planning and procedures will be discussed only in the context of the prevention and treatment of mold.