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Community Nutrition Action for Child Survival is designed for use with managers of community-based nutrition programs. The training modules included in this manual were produced and field-tested by The Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) in conjunction with its Nutrition Management Training Project, a special project providing focused technical assistance and project support to CEDPA training graduates. Module production and the activities of CEDPA's Nutrition Management Training Project are funded under Grant DAN 1010-G-SS-1033-00 from the Office of Nutrition, Agency for International Development.

The Centre for Development and Population Activities, incorporated in 1975, is a private, non-profit organization that provides management training and technical assistance to managers of family planning, health and development programs in the Third World. To this end, CEDPA conducts two workshop series annually in Washington, D.C.; "Women in Management: Planning and Management of Service Delivery Programs in Family Planning, Health and Development," and "Supervision and Evaluation as Management Tools." In addition, CEDPA works through its worldwide network of alumni to conduct in-country training programs that lead to the development and implementation of innovative community service delivery programs.

Following this model, CEDPA's Nutrition Management Training Project provides training and technical assistance specifically to CEDPA alumni who have the potential to develop, expand or improve community nutrition programs in their own countries. Project assistance includes funding and technical input for nutrition training workshops, as well as follow-up technical assistance and funding for innovative demonstration projects.

Since the program began in 1981, CEDPA has provided nutrition management assistance to program managers in Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia and Senegal. The materials contained in this volume were developed and field-tested during the course of training and technical assistance in each of these countries.

CEDPA wishes to acknowledge the invaluable contribution made by our counterpart organizations and field resource experts to the production and field-testing of these training modules. It is through their input and feedback that CEDPA is able to present this volume for adaptation and use by other managers and organizations. Individuals and organizations contributing to this effort have included:


*Elvina Mutua, Tototo Home Industries

*Louisa Owiti, YWCA

*Elizabeth Agina, NCCK


Benter Shako, Ministry of Health


Matilda Nyoka, Ministry of Health


*Mary Mwamodo, Family Planning Association of


*Jane Kirui, Appropriate Technology Advisory


*Margaret Thuo, Family Life Training Programme


Hanne Thorup, DANIDA


*Rani Urvashi Shah, Family Planning Association


*Mana Rana, Family Planning Association


*Lalita Upadhyay, Family Planning Association


Gopal Nakami, Family Planning Association


Bhim Sharma, Family Planning Association


Dr. David Nabarro, Save the Children, U.K.


Dr. Susie Graham-Jones, Save the Children, U.K.


Nalini Sakya, United Missions to Nepal


Dr. Sabrita Pahari, Ministry of Health


*Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, PKK and Ministry of Health, Province



Emma Wibowo, Yayasan Indonesia Sejhatera Solo


Karen Huston-Smith, USAID Consultant


Dr. Hermana, Bogor Food and Nutrition Research Institute


*Marie Therese Boye, Association of Midwives


*Awe Paye Gueye, ENDA


*Fatoumata Tandiang, Ministry of Social Development


*Oulimata Dia. Ministry of Education


Dr. Colonel Sy, Ministry of Public Health,



Madame Albiss, Family Health Project


Khady Dieng, ORANA

(*Graduates of CEDPA's Washington training program.)

CEDPA also wishes to acknowledge the support and guidance from the Office of Nutrition, Agency for International Development. Special thanks to Dr. Martin J. Forman, Director, and Nutrition Advisors Dr. Chloe O'Gara and Dr. Tina Sanghvi.

Development and field-testing of Community Nutrition Action for Child Survival was coordinated by CEDPA Nutrition/Health Coordinator Pat Taylor. Ellen Dreyer was responsible for editing the manual.