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Energy and gravity

Jerry G. Gallimore

I want to start by discussing zero point energy". Many of you have heard about zero point vacuum fluctuations. There is a stress energy in apace that many scientists have been investigating. I approach all my latest research as gravity, and vacuum zero point fluctuations play a mayor part in this research.

Around 1955, the U.S. government started to become interested in gravity and between 1955 and 196D, they let about 12 contracts on gravity research to different corporations around the country. In the early 60's, there was a void in such contracts. From 1963 to 1969, they let out approximately 60 contracts/yr. At the present time, there exists about 30 patents in this field and we've spent over $1 billion on this. Presently, the scientific community cannot say that here is a gravitational field or here is the detection of same because we have yet to adequately discover the means.

I've been working in this field for 10 years, and I have gotten 811 kinds of feedback from the scientists. I'd like to classify myself as an advanced experimenter. Some of Moray King 'a work is very useful in defining the situations that we are examining. He published a manuscript that contained many valuable illustrations representing the fact that apace is not nothingness. Space has energy. It is a turbulent sea, it has particles and yet visibly, there is nothing perceptible.

When we get into Einstein's curvature of space, we get into metric fields, and these are non-electromagnetic fields, but are quite complex. The fact that they are non-electromagnetic means we know that we cannot detect them. Space is curved (all points are interconnected), time is curved and gravity can curve. But, we have no functional equipment to say that we can detect it.

I started out in this side of the research in 1974 when I sent off a manuscript to Health Research Publishing (California) in which I questioned the present state of research in physics. Gravitational fields seemed to be totally obvious, but no one seemed to be investigating them. My approach was to state simply that there were three forces in equilibrium; magnetism, electricity and gravitation. Many other people have had this same viewpoint, but the classical scientists do not have this view, stating that gravitation itself and all metric sciences are extremely complex and cannot be reduced to this simplicity. I believe that it is that simple - if you can control 2 out of 3, then you can control the third.

The following is a lengthy digression into some unusual energies which I have investigated over several years leading to my recent discoveries concerning gravitation.

In my book "Handbook of Unusual Energies", (Health Research, Mokelumne Hill CA) 1975, I started a compendium of various people doing research around the world on this subject. I started writing down all the properties of these energies and for every hundred pages read, I would find maybe 1 or 2 whose findings were repeatable. In the book, there are about 12,000 properties of these "unusual energies". We have energies such as "odic" energies from Baron Karl van Reichenbach which are visible. Twenty-two percent of the population has the ability to see these unusual energy forms, whereas the other 78% cannot. These people can see an energy emitted from magnets. I wrote down about 700 properties of odic energy and it turned out that it had a relationship to the earth's field and was emitted from a substance whether solid or liquid and had a particular colour depending on emission in a defined direction. So what we have here is a "metaphysical" energy that 22% of the population can see.

Continuing from the same book, the researches of Wilhelm Reich in 1945 and his "orgone" energy, allowed me to trap about 130 properties of this energy. His later works to 1957 on energy were quite valuable. We have not only another energy, called "orgone" here, but we have a relationship between "odic" and "orgone". We can have an energy emitted from a copper wire or a magnet picked up by a copper wire which travels at several velocities. One velocity is .3 ft./sec., another is 400 ft./sec. and another seems to surpass the speed of light. We have the same energy emitted from a crystal and it can run along a copper wire Just like those noted above. Obviously, those energies seem identical. Reich made several instruments to measure or monitor them.

Both Reich and Reichenbach investigated the effects of this energy on the human organism. They found that in relation to the earth itself, it had a change in intensity [with a periodicity of close to] 24 hours. So, they started measuring the intensity of absorption and emission from biological organisms according to whether they need or do not need energy. The curves over time were almost identical to common blood auger curves in people which any doctor will recognize. Physicists would any it's an anomaly.

The energy has terrestrial orientation. When you start investigating elements, you find that elements take on a defined terrestrial orientation. In addition, the frequency of the emitted energy changes with orientation, and their properties can be predicted based on the relationships between each other.

This is all somewhat of a metaphysical digression, but it does have a bearing on the future. I will now get into a more "classical" discussion.

Some time ago, I was involved with ball lighting research in Utah. The interesting thing about ball lighting is that once you set up a plasma in fusion mode, then you have potentially an energy source for hundreds and hundreds of years from which you can tap huge quantities of energy. It stays in one place and you don't have to feed it very often. What we're talking about here is a small, confined sun from which we can extract electromagnetic energy. This is a start to my approach to classical energies.

In the area of energy conservation, I proposed a novel type of power transmission cable capable of saving 6Z of the power currently generated in the USA. This would, in effect, be available free because the new cables cost the same as the old ones which have to be replaced anyway every 10 years or so. It is a needed replacement prorated through time. That is a considerable savings nationwide.

In a recent article about gravitational research on myself and Dr. Brown [Dr. T. Townsend Brown], it was stated that gravitational research is in the same place today as nuclear energy was in 1939. At that time, all they had was a trace on an oscilloscope. They had no realizable power, no tools, nothing but that trace. They didn't know exactly what that trace meant either, except it was radioactivity. Today, we're doing the same thing with gravity. We have essentially a trace on an oscilloscope. We're not down to the point of using gravity effectively yet.

Mr. Alan Halt spoke yesterday, and in a paper he wrote recently ( AIAA-801233 Proc. of A.I.A.A. 16th Joint Propulsion Conference July 1, 1980), he's using a laser beam in relation to a gravitational wave [as a novel propulsion system]. My [thoughts are similar] of mixing electromagnetic sources and non-electromagnetic forces. The interesting part also is that once we have any gravitational source capable of lifting itself plus 7: more weight, it becomes economically feasible.

I had been dealing with what I assumed were gravitational energies for years and I wrote a short paper which had some reaction and some defects. I was talking as if everyone was totally familiar with gravity and we had practical devices and had an understanding about gravity. Immediately the feedback from that article said: "show me something". I then wrote a paper for the Association for Pushing Gravity Research in which I proved there was a gravity wave emitted from a dielectric, but it was published as "The Ether as an Energy". I wondered if a monitor could be built that would test out my theories and determine the presence or absence of these waves. This wee done.

We took a 15v, 15 mid capacitor charged with DC, no AC. We measured its decay time. Then we placed a 4-5" long, 2-3 1b. optical grade quartz crystal about 1" away from the capacitor with no current flowing. The crystal was left near the capacitor for 4 minutes. After removal of the crystal, repeat the experiment and measure the decay time. You get a completely different decay curve. It starts as a classical parabolic decay curve, but the effect of the crystal is to turn it into a cubic curve. These effects lasted for 34 minutes. Stanford University tested this and found a 20% differential between before and after application of the crystal. Every time you take readings of the voltage, you are reading its absorbed energy. This effect has been duplicated and repeated many times. Exhaustive tests were carried out on the capacitor before and after. Apparently, we've done something to the energy of the capacitor. We have perhaps ionized it - we have faster drain, leas charge -a physical anomaly. You can place metal, boxes, a Faraday shield, anything you want between the capacitor and the crystal with no change in effect. We know it is not an electromagnetic effect - it will pass through any mass.

Thus, I applied for a patent on a device using the crystal itself to measure gravitational waves. I Just use a dielectric as a resistor in a DC circuit (see attached patent abstract ). When detecting such energies, it exhibited a change in resistance, usually very low magnitude effects. A simple back-biassed commercial diode can be used. The leakage changes in the presence of these energies.

At the 1979 Hanover conference on Gravitational Field Energy, I had with me a paper (see attached). All the physicists say that you just can't have gravitational waves with these properties; because it is all theoretical. Physicists are not familiar with the principles outlined in this paper.

Kozyrev in a paper "Possibility of Experimental Studies of the Properties of Time" NTIS #4523-8, examined another metric field; time. He discovered that a rotating body would change the immediate time "zone" around it and that not only did it act differently from conventional electromagnetic sources, but it attenuated as 1/D (D-distance). Time attenuated much less than electromagnetic waves, and would pass through any mass. Rotating gyroscopes were used in the experiments.

Cornelius Lancros of Purdue University stared in an early 1940's physics paper that any time you generate naturally or artifically, a gravitational field onto a detector, a corresponding equivalent compensation occurs in the measuring device so that no phenomenon is observed. Lanczos says that this is a 2nd order effect. (Phys. Rev 61, 713, 1942).

I have applied for patent on a "Propagated Stress Wave Detector".

I couldn't really say gravity waves in the title or I'd never have gotten the patent. In this patent, the fundamental concept is that gravity, as a propagated stress wave, modifies the binding forces in matter. This design works very well in detecting any metric field including gravitational waves. The two methods shown in the application are resistive and capacitive. The uses for these devices include gravity prospecting. As the elemental content of the earth changes, so does the local gravitational field intensity.

In a paper published in the Planetary Association of Clean Energy Newsletter (see attached), I said that if we alter a dielectric, instead of crushing it as in piezoelectricity, we stretch a crystal in 3-dimensions, then we will have an inversion of space and time around it. This creates a gravitational anomaly. As shown in the article, 2 scientists in Poland, Kowsky and Frost accidentally discovered this in 1929. Subsequent articles claimed this was a hoax, but I claim this was no hoax. I have done it in the lab and have applied for patents on it. By applying massive amounts of power to the lattice structure of a crystal, you break it into an amorphous mass and by kicking out ions one at a time, you expand the crystal without disintegrating it. Tremendous stress energy is locked up inside the crystal. It therefore can produce a local gravitational anomaly when further energy is applied.


Field measuring device

Abstract of the disclosure


A field measuring device includes a stationary crystal of dielectric material having a


crystalline lattice structure, a source of D.C. voltage potential and an ohmmeter. The


source of direct current is coupled across opposite ends of the stationary crystal and


the ohmmeter detects stress changes in the crystal which are induced by the presence


of a magnetic field. The stationary crystal of dielectric material may be a solid state


electrical component such as a diode and a single meter such as a multimeter may be


used to provide both the source of direct current as well as the measurement means


for detecting stress changes.


Background of the invention


This invention relates in general to field measuring


devices and in particular to such devices which use changes in


dielectric materials to represent relative field strength.


There are numerous devices known in the art for measuring


or detecting either gravitational fields or magnetic fields.


Many of these devices are extremely complex and employ


extensive electronics and electromechanical mechanisms in order


to accomplish this purpose. The following group of patents


gives some indication of the variety of devices which are known:



Patent No.


Issue Date











Weber et al.



















FIG. 1

FIG. 2



Gentlemen, it is not in my character to speak softly; or to provide a paper without giving away come new research toy for others to play with. in representanting PACE, U.S. PSICHONICS, and CALLMORE LABS; it is realized that content of the papers represent self only, and incurr no responsibility by the supporting organizations. I wish to thank them for giving their support and a free hand in reporting my research.

This paper is an end result of research carried out by Gallimore Labs. It is the summation of eight years of laboratory monitoring of transducers to provide a practical framework of Gravity applications. the orientation of this research has been for electronic engineers so they could understand Gravitational radiation, and thus apply new transducers to current technology.

The existing situation is that we have the combined Einstein and Russian schools of theoretical Cosmos approach where extended math analysis is utilized to provide a Gravitational foundation of phenomena. this is selectively an area where only mathematicians can probe comfortly. We have the Quasars and black holes for the physisists to play with, again on a theoretical level; but nothing for the engineer to apply to the everyday world. we lack not application, but transducers.

The multi-level arias laser transducer to detect Gravity anomalies, or the weber drums at nughes aircraft do nothing for the engineer who manta a cheap device where he can use in inventing new applications.

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), dreams of Gravitational astronomy , but lacks the Gravity. To electromagnetic detection and conversion process to implement it. Their engineers and one hundred million dollars appropriated by the congress of the United States in 1977 stand ready to attempt the Gravitational astronomy installation whenever gravity technology becomes practical.

Lets look at sane more applications waiting for control of non-electromagnetic radiation (gravity) or the transducers to detect.

Assuming that an inexpensive Gravity to E.M. conversion transducer is being discovered today; then tomorrow we will have Gravitational on-time analog monitors for examination of ore beds and ore location, earthquake prediction by a proceeding gravitation shift, and biological examination at life itself by frequencies as gravity. Planet monitoring and apace itself become later applicions.

When an emitter and a detector of Gradiation can be joined in a science, then we will have spectroscopes of unimaginable ability; useful for diagnosing and even curing diseases by direct gravitational aft acts on biological cells. Biological warfare then also takes on a new and deadly meaning where distance between any two bodies becomes totally unrestrictive to application.

With the discovery of gravity control cones the impossible to visa discovery of hydrostatic anti-gravity. Indeed this discovery has already been made. Practical Gravity and anti-Gravity technologies exist today. There is even a Gravity bomb possible, an artificial creation of a black hole which results from purposeful creation of "structure" instability of mama. Such a bomb going off would not even be heard by a person standing beside it, but would create a. microscopic black hole that would suddenly grow as it consumed the Earth. It could be the ultimate late of man, and the ultimate horror by destroying all tile and even all traces of our planet.

The discovery of anti-gravity provides us with a possible realization of the flying craft, but few see that there is also free unlimited energy available for industrial nations. the 'excitation' of mama required so little energy that craft could be powered by a normal car battery, and visit any four planets before a replacement battery or charge was needed.

Let me speak frankly; all such technologies ma described herein are known today. All the forgoing devices are a reality in cone primitive or developed context. Such discoveries have been made at Gallimore Labs , and are in common usage daily. Even a laser equivalent, the 'Graser' , which emits a. coherent circular beam of three centimeters width. A Gravity/Space/Time beam which passes through the Earth unimpeded, and may be modulated easily.

Please note that while such discoveries are in existence, all patent applications to date have been rejected by the united State except one, which was given a patent, and later taken away.

Gallimore engineering has ne doubts that that some, all, or more technology as discovered in it's non-government lab are known to the united States and other governments, and are therefor classified top secret potentials which have not been released for the common good.

Such restrictions on a commercial industrial research lab as not allowing patent of discoveries has reduced said lab to a perpetual poverty level, and insured an ineffective statue for further research.

From the research stated, this paper presents two views of Gravity technology; a theoretical exploration of Space/Time obviously in very general terms, but with sane new concepts to excite theorists; and a practical new approach for engineers and crystallographers.

The discovery of Gravity and it's control precluded the research which suddenly found that anti-gravity had somehow been discovered in 1927 by a Poland and German team of scientists working for the Telefunken company.

The theoretical understanding of Gravity itself came as a result of laboratory experimentation where published popular theories were found lacking in some aspects, all that is except Einstein physics. the foundations proposed by Einstein were found to be inhibited beyond a certain point. wheither this was accidential or purposful is unknown. Part one of this paper simplifies Space/Time physics and reaches beyond the Einstein matrix.

The best physicist in the world is an unknown scool teacher in Michigan by the name of Rocky me Collum. His theoretical approach and knowledge has influenced the formation of the stress physics proposed. His work has passed an far beyond Einstein as Einstein passed beyond his contemporaries. The reference here as beat is defined by phenomena understanding and control, not popularity or awards.

My work has been beat known in crystallography. The accepted theory of crystal growth and control derrived from my research, but on being nominated in 1963 for the Nobel prize, contained no reference to me, but was instead proposed by a lab which provided the proof of the Gallimore theory of crystal growth, and their own men as the discovering scientist's.

Of importance here is the combining of separate sciences; The strew physics of Mc Collum, the crystallography of Gallimore, and the uncommon electronic theory of air James Jeans who in 1919 published an electromagnetic analysis which has never recieved an award, but contains the history of each principle which is not found in higher learning institutions. Jeans accurately defines Gravity and anti-gravity by other names. A wealth of phenomena has been uncovered, as have the math relationships to conventional electronics.

Let me now proceed to part one of the submitted paper, and I hope it justifies the bluntness of this introduction.

J.G. Gallimore

nov. 1, 1980


Anti-gravity properties of crystalline lattices

In the summer of 1927 two scientists. Kowsky and Frost in Poland noted specific anti-gravity properties of crystals. They were pursuing some discoveries in pieze ciomentry made by Meissner of Telelunken whereby it was found that Crystals acuid lose their transparency and change their specific gravity at the same time.

By the oscillations of radio transmitters of several kilowatts at protracted exposure. Kowsky and Frost managed to include an eight hundred percent volume increase to a clear crystal. The small Iightened crystal carried the apparatus which oscillated it as well as a weight of twenty five kilograms suspended from it, floating tree at a height of about two meters above the floor of a laboratory

Shortly after this discovery reports and photographs of the tests were published in the German journal Radio Umschau and in Science and Invention (September 1927 issue).

Those published reports permit a definition of the phenomena in today's terminology

An optical grade quartz crystal 5x2x1.5 mm of defined lattice structure was piezoelecirically overloaded with a resulting opaqueness a growth of volume and a structural change along with specific gravity change The crystal was reported to increase dimensions along one side of two thousand percent (volume increase of 800%) Its weight of approximately one ounce was reduced by an unknown amount during the increase in volume When electrically excited to lift Itself the crystal was capable also of lifting an additional eight hundred and eighty ounces. This lilt occurred when the crystal was subjected to vertical oscillation pressure via direct electrode contacts and transverse oscillation via non-attached electrodes broadcasting radiation with the crystal interposed between them.

A "gravitation nullifier" is shown. The expanded quartz crystal is supporting a 25 kilogram weight. Dr. Kowsky is shouwn in a top coast because of the low temperature at which experiments are performed.

Source: Science and Inventions

Radio Frequency Emissions and Magnetostriction of Mass

Magnelostrictive masses emit heat and undergo dimensional changes on a temporary basis when exposed to a varying magnetic field. The molecular alignment of the mass with the field of current induces mechanical pressures that cause a distortion or dimensional change Normally such physical changes have been assumed to be temporary or of unimportant plasticity. Certain non-magnetic substances like dielectric crystals also react to an imposed magnetic field with molecular re-alignment.

The re-alignment causes a crystal distortion in one direction. and with alternating current fields; oscillation occurs. Such is the piezo-electric phenomenon. The angle of turn of the molecule on Its axis is proportional to the "strength'' of the induced magnetic field until a limit of saturation is reached: ''weber angle". or maximum astortion potential of the dielectric.

It additional power is applied to create a still stronger field, molecules that happen to exceed weber angles are wrenched away to migrate along the to form bonds at new positions of equilibrium. The displaced and re-positioned molecules are learned ''deflexions", or displaced ions (Maxwell, Jeans, 1916).

The magnetic susceptibility of a substance varies inversely as the temperature (Curies Law). This experiment potentially justifies a "K", or a susceptibility enhancement by lowered temperatures of the "freeze storage" of all new re-positioning ions, and consequent stability in new positions. Ion bonds form slowly in a dielectric heated by intense magnetic field changes, known as 'inductance heating'. Cooling of the dielectric by air currents around the dielectric which draw off heat allows the dielectric to escape destruction by melting, brittle fracture, or other heat-caused affects.

The migration of displaced ions is to a surface area of the dielectric. where the heat sink phenomena allows a re-bonding temperature.

Known research in electric action versus dielectrics leads to other supporting information about the physical phenomenon.

- Helmholiz: The value of ''K'' changes in a dielectric when it is subjected to distortion (K equals the dielectric constant ocular of that mass)

- Maxwell: With displacement, the density at the medium (crystal structure) is changed so that as molecular structure is changed: as is its ''K''

- The K of quartz depends on the direction of the imposed magnetic field "relative" to the crystal axis A vertical K of quartz is 4.55. and horizontal K is 4.49 where K is a reaction to the Earth's field

- Magnetic conduction in a dielectric is altered as it the properties of the medium were altered during conduction by a change of the dielectric constant of the mass itself.

So far the phenomenon appears not to be rejected by known physical actions About the phenomenon itself, a brief theoretical model may be postulated.

This may be a stress model of mass where changes of internal stress induce 'deformation of mass'. Thus the model suggests a 'two-part' investigation; (1) the stress model, (2) the later physical phenomena produced as a product of distortion, and the physical performance relative to change.

The Stress Model

The electric force between charged particles is independent of the masses of energies of the particles, and depends only on their charge: whereas, the gravitational force is proportional to the masses themselves. Since in special relatively mass and energy are related by E = mc2. the 'strength' of the gravitational field increases as the energies of the virtual particles increase.

An artificially induced increased 'stress' in mass increases the energy of both virtual particles and gravely.

In an electron flow such as common electricity along a conductor, the 'pressure' of the flow affects the mass of the conductor by several methods

1. free electrons are displaced by induced energy.

2. torque from electrical action is applied to the mass

3. stresses are induced within the mass

4. compression is induced within the mass.

5. structure bonds are affected by such imposed stresses.

6. ion orbital structure is relative to the induced energy, greater energy produces energy absorption with smaller orbits, higher velocities, (packing fraction)

Electric/Dielectric Combinations

The electrostatic attraction of one object to another depends on charge, shape, and surface area; but the magnetic attraction to a fragment of dielectric is a molecular phenomenon 'independent of shape', but not surface area. A non-magnetic body will be components of/or magnetic particles when a magnetic field is imposed; ie an attraction. Finally, a magnetic field will exist in a dielectric after when an induced tied changes, or is no longer imposed. So it may be assumed that an intense magnetic field is the one force which is capable of externally affecting the dielectric molecular axis change.

Further Investigations

Alternating currents produce heal and a magnetic field, in a dielectric to a depth proportional to the square roof of the oscillation period. and to the applied strength. A magnetic particle, or ion, is capable of repositioning, where 'all mass particles are also susceptible. Unlike metals, a dielectric 'acts' as if it conducts one hundred percent of any imposed field. This is the single most important difference.

The molecular phenomenon may occur 'only' in a dielectric mass, and not in a metal. The magnetic conduction proportional to field depth with a strength sufficient to dislodge ions eliminates metals (exception: Bismuth) due to skin affect. The dielectric conduction of one hundred percent of imposed fields ''throughout'' the mass allows The 'total' mass to be involved, eliminating skin affect. So. it will affect al, crystalline lattice structures (therefore metals affected). however The optimum solution for maximum affect of this phenomenon may reside within the electrical characteristics of dielectric.

Magnetic Induction Currents

Magnetic induction postulated as a solenoidal introduction throughout the trend in the interior of the mass (all points equal) can occur in a dielectric, but not in a metal Magnelostriction of dielectrics: there is an expansion of mass proportional to the induced strains (internal) to release pressure. This is a known accepted phenomenon There are 'diamagnetic' currents induced in the same crystal (opposite to magnetic) about which little is known tour which has been photographed at Gallimore Labs. Such currents are always found in 'stressed masses'.

Crystal Expansion Confirmed

Crystal expansion was examined from actual replication of the … frost experiment.

The crystal will have intense infernal strains generally only in … of applied fields producing expansion and diamagnetic currents of unknown effects or phenomena. (Many phenomena were detected).

The revised theory of phenomenon is stated as: The molecular motion and reaction of mass to intense magnetic fields may change the structure of the (dielectric) mass it the imposed field strength exceeds a force needed to rotate fixed molecules past Webers angle. where the result would be a dislocation of the molecule from the mass structure. Given this field straight, it is almost certain that the re-positioning of molecules will change the normal lattice structure and will be accompanied by permanent expansion of the dielectric along the vector of the imposed field.

Such diamagnetic currents as exist will be intense and could produce a host of phenomena. The proposed 'Anti-gravity phenomena fall within an 'acceptable' but not proven phenomena at the present lime.

It is noted that from the Chicago College on Gravity Research that a 60 Hz alternating current imposed on a solenoid when placed under an aluminum plate will cause the plate to heal. as well as 'lift' upwards as much as eleven inches. Such a lifting effect cannot come from magnetic actions but may come from molecular actions and the little known diamagnetic currents.

Since magnetic fields in alternating currents become stronger as the frequency increases higher frequencies are found more efficient in producing the 'stress fields' producing lift phenomena.

Of interest is that one dielectric has been shown to fall' more slowly under 'natural' conditions than any mass should fall it Is unknown whether aluminum silicate reacts to existent low intensity magnetic fields or whether it has an excessive diamagnetic current capability occurring naturally.

Water Absorbtion/emission

The expanded crystal has been found to be both effervescent and deliquescent. This is unusual in a single mass to absorb and release water like a sponge where the material (silicon dioxide) is neither an absorber or emitter prior to change of the mass structure a degeneration of the structure is seen after one water cycle, and apparently not repeatable.

The Kowsky and Frost experiment was reported to have a visual sighting of air currents flowing around the crystal when under electrical excitation. Il is a fact that the air currents so described are a reality but are not known to exist by crystallographers. unless they have considerable experience In electrical resting. Likewise electrical testers and engineers are not likely to have witnessed this. Il is here noted that air Currents have been found around excited (oscillating) crystals but only when a frequency band of one hundred kilocycles to tour hundred eighty kilocycles Is utilized. This is further verification of actual research toeing in the frequency range specified, and of a true research sighting being transmitted.

Electricity produced

An expanded lattice crystal has been found to produce a remarkable phenomenon: when an 'imbalance occurs by stress changes in a 'stress balanced' crystal. electricity is produced

A crystal 'grown' in an unbalanced stale will 'convert one hundred percent of all radiation reaching it to electricity'.

Lift factor

The following equation is only generalized, and its veracity should be questioned . lt may be a guideline of potential results. The resulting values are indicative within limits of what can be expected experimentally

Example 2000 wails: 5 kg = 300%/777kg=17770 = 2600(150)/100 = 300/100 = 30 kg

Mass Structure and Potential Collapse

All mass is susceptible to change. Dielectrics by having an organized molecular structure are subject to massive change through force applied. It is considered a phenomenon where lattice structure is expanded and re-formed to a new related structure by energy; and that the structure is now a "storage medium'' of great energies by strain locked in structure.

The stability of the medium or rather the changed medium is now questioned as well as its life span A sudden sharp blow or even chemical activity may "detonate" or collapse the new structure with great release of energy. This potential is seen at the present lime to be both real and hazardous. Should the crystal mass be capable of sudden collapse. it could lake one of two forms: sudden disintegration to a powder state or detonation with a massive release of energy perhaps similar to atomic conversion of mass to energy.

Sell Contained Lifting Device

The subject mass utilized in this research has been quartz dielectrics. Quartz unlike many substances does not Shear easily; but has a conchoidal fracture. Providing, it did shear. then the lattice structure could be pried open al selected locations. and slabs of the expanded variety utilized in different applications. Because of the energy storage phenomena it is assumed it cannot be 'sawed' as the shock potential is high, yet proportional to the degree of the crystals line lattice expansion.

The crystal itself will resemble plastic foam in weight and rigidity. Perhaps it could be sliced by a laser or electron beam.

Very little power is required to oscillate the substance for high lift. This and the weight needed to supply that power allows a fully contained device to be a reality. Power applied as frequency would have six basic contacts regardless of design, size, or aerodynamic shape; ie. left side, right side, front, rear, top and bottom.

With solenoid controls, the full range of flight could be obtained, forward. reli, right, up, down, reverse. The control would be by reversing polarities of a given area of surface section so provide the desired result. Each lift/control section would be electrically isolated in a smooth surface design by interposing non-expanded dielectric strips between sections. Such skin or the dielectric isolators could provide shape, rigidity, and supporting design.

Such dielectrics as ceramics display temperature resistance, and could be included as a "skin." However, since speed is fully controllable, there should be no need for heal buildup; simply reduce speed.

Reverse Phenomenon

In trying to validate mass structure change as proposed, the 'reverse' method of gravitational emission (i.e. "absorption") was used.

It a mass may "produce" radiation under coercion, then it may also be susceptible to that same radiation when exposed thus providing a "reverse phenomenon."

The lattice structure of a dielectric has been proposed as a storage medium of immense energies, when the energy applied produced a 'Deflexion' change (deflected ions) or structural stresses of great magnitude. A first discovery was that by utilizing a 'new' means of electrical excitement, a "commercial" process of Deflexion crystals was realized. In further research, the 'reverse' phenomenon indicates that 'all' dielectrics having 'any' stress components may be susceptible to gravity radiation.

Discovered in 1974, the reverse phenomenon allowed for an on-lime gravity monitor where a dielectric with a known stress component was seen to change proportional to the acting gravitational intensities. Later, in 1978 a new defector was discovered, the difference being that a 'general' stale of stress was utilized here as opposed to a known 'finite' stress.

(J. G. Gallimore)