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How to use the AIDS resource manual

What it is -

• This is a resource manual, meaning you can use it in whatever way fits your needs. Read it from cover to cover or scan the table of contents for specific information.

• It is a brief look at AIDS transmission and prevention; in addition, it provides a few suggestions on games and activities which might be used to enhance education.

• It is a tool which can help you and your co-worker develop teaching ideas or simply share information.

What it isn't -

• It isn't Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about AIDS Education, and it isn't a text book for students.

• It contains no statistics because they change rapidly and can be easily misinterpreted.

• But it does tell you how to get more information if you want it.

What next -

• Supplements will be prepared as information changes, as new games and activities are developed - perhaps by you. Your teaching ideas and constructive suggestions will always be welcome.

The goal of this manual -

• The brightest goal is that someday soon an AIDS resource manual will be totally unnecessary for AIDS will have been eradicated.

• As reaching that goal does not look promising for the near future, the goal is that this manual will help you gain an understanding of AIDS, an understanding which goes beyond knowledge of facts, and that it will help you share your understanding with others in a variety of ways.