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close this book Prevention and treatment of mold in library collections with an emphasis on tropical climates: A RAMP study
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1. Introduction

This study is intended primarily as a practical guide to aid in the prevention and basic treatment of mold growth in tropical climates where library-wide environmental control is not always possible, and mold is a recurring problem. Even in more temperate climates, outbreaks of mold may occur as a result of flooding or localized environmental control problems. Increased concern over the toxicity of many of the standard fumigants has led libraries and museums to re-examine existing policies which rely primarily on chemical treatment of mold outbreaks. It is increasingly apparent that more attention must be given to prevention and alternate treatments in order to protect not only collections, but staff and patrons as well.

To be concerned with the preservation of materials in tropical climates is to be concerned with the study of:

- Climate.

- The effects of that climate on specific materials.

- The widest possible range of options for modifying the environment.