Title:Scientific problems of the humid tropical zone deltas and their implications: proceedings of the Dacca Symposium
Corporate authors:Pakistan Academy of Sciences
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (Pakistan)
Association for the Advancement of Science (Pakistan)
University of Dacca
Imprint:Paris, Unesco , 1966
Collation:422 p., illus., maps, 27 cm.
Series:Humid tropics research
Notes:Incl. bibl.
Keywords:Proceedings on: <deltas><geomorphology><sedimentation><soil science><hydrology><hydrography><vegetation><biology><human activities effects><classification>
Meetings:Symposium on Scientific Problems of the Humid Tropical Zone Deltas and their Implications, Dacca, 1964
Other language titles:Les Problèmes scientifiques des deltas de la zone tropicale humide et leurs implications: actes du Colloque de Dacca, fre